grooming services in HarlowWe offer numerous dog grooming services and treatments in Harlow, but we are usually guided by the dog and their owner. The breed of dog and the time since their last groom will dictate the type of treatment that we provide.  Our preferred approach is to create a treatment that is customised around your dog's specific needs.
A few of our more popular treatments are shown below:

Full Groom

This includes grooming style of your choice (we can advise on how your pet can look its absolute best), full wash using appropriate shampoo and conditioner (dependant on the condition of your pet's skin and coat), nails trimmed, blow dry finish using finishing sprays which will help maintain your pet in a healthy condition.

Hand Scissor and Hand Stripping Available

Special Care and Attention for Puppies

Time devoted to Nervous or Ageing Pets


Some breeds have bigger casting problems than others. Regular removal of the dead hair and undercoat can reduced the amount of continual hair loss.  We also recommend a full groom to accompany this treatment.

Flea Treatment

If your dog has fleas or ticks, you should contact your local Vet who can advise you on the appropriate flea treatment needed for your dog. We do not accept dogs with fleas to avoid the risk of other pets being infected.  However, if your dog is found to have fleas, we will use an Insectocide treatment shampoo for which an extra £10.00 will be charged for the treatment and to cover the cost of having to sterlise all bedding and tools. Please ensure your pet is regularly treated for fleas.

Anal Glands

We do not empty anal glands as the Pet Federation Industry and Groomers Association state that any problems relating to anal glands should be investigated by a Vet as there could be an underlying problem rather than your dog just needing a routine express of his/her anal glands.